Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You NEED to know. Don't be the uneducated. US Gov't and now the Canadian Gov't too. Invasion of Privacy.

OMG! What the F is going on? Thank God or whoever you thank, that Occupiers exist and started before all this shit started going down, so somebody will be fighting the fight, while the rest of the lazy ass, hypocritical world gets fucked.
So here in the US, they just passed the law and have opened secret FEMA camps to detain American citizens on the simplest "accusation" that they "might" have involvement in a terrorist cell. No lawyer, no phone call, no Mother F'en trial, just poof! you disappear into thin air, to everyone else in the world.
And now this in Canada? Watch out. Wake up!!!! I fear the future, at the same time I have some hope still. XO Spyder

Harper Government wants Police to spy on ALL Canadians with no warrants
Warrantless Big Brother Spy Law COMING • Bill C-52 • Harper Government