Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geoff Tate's Queensryche at the Coach House with Cry Wolf Opening, April 2013

Geoff Tate's Queensryche, at the Coach House, with Cry Wolf Opening, April 2013 April 2013 -- Ok , I have to share my amazing night with you all. -- -- My friend and his kick ass rock band were chosen (Woohoo) to open for Geoff Tate’s Queensryche tonight at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. And because I am so loved, he put me on the list so I gassed up, and was on my way. I had never been to the Coach House before but had heard good things about it and knew they had good concerts there. That place is insane, it was packed to the brim and it’s all long tables that seat 10(?), and you sit wherever, and they have a full menu. No standing, except in the back row (single file) , well I found a big table with a single guy at it, big hairy nice guy named Richard. Biker looking. He was real cool, we hung and talked while waiting. Oh and the place is packed as I said, and a couple walks up to our table and asks to have the extra seats, and who is it? but David Maldonado the Great Flamenco Guitarist. I know him because he’s jammed with Dilana before. So that was way cool too. -- -- Cry Wolf hits the stage, they were all so stoked and pumped to be there opening for Queensryche, as was I. Congrats guys. They sounded great and I finally got to hear their female singer, she sounded fabulous. But, I do have to add that, that place plays the music intensely loud and in doing so, they drowned out the lyrics.  . The drummer Chris was off the hook, and he has the biggest freakin grin the whole time he’s up there, life is definitely good in his shoes right now. ****Pic of Chris Moore, the drummer for Cry Wolf ******** The next band came on, The Voodoos, they sounded pretty tight. All of the members, for being so young ( looked 18-21) , had a real good sync. They sounded a bit like 80’s hair band and punk. Again the sound there wasn’t impressive to me, so I am definitely going to look them up online to really hear them, because I can tell they are worth it. Ok now to the Grand Finale. Geoff Tate’s Queensryche. During the first 2 acts I was off to the side wall at a table, but during a smoke break I met a lady who was right up front, and told me she had an empty seat and to come on up. So I went up when Queensryche came on. , their setlist, listed below. Well the WHOLE place was a sit down place. What the heck is up with that anyway? Why do you hold a rock concert and then tell people they must stay seated during the show? That is as wrong as it can be. Well I always find the one spot, ask anyone. My seat was at the foot of the stairs that all of the band members came down, so I was 1 foot away from each of them as they came down, and that includes Rudy Sarzo too. I was one of 3 that were standing in the whole place besides the back wall. The lady in front of me, told me to move up next to her. End seat at foot of stage. Yeah babay. ( It happened to be Queensryche personal photographer, and her and I shared the space as she moved around. ) . So I got center stage more or less, side stage, at the foot of their stairs. And if you’ve ever been with me to a concert , you know how I dance. I am a hippie, hand dancing , grooving kind of girl. I was wearing a butterfly top which was great because it’s like having skirts on my arms and boy did they dance. So at one point about 3 songs in, Geoff Tate comes down the stairs for a breather and a drink and comes right at me and holds out his hand to shake mine, I pulled his hand up and gave it a soft kiss as I looked up at him, then he pulled me in and gave me a big Geoff Tate “sweaty” hug. (Oh yeah!!!) and in return he got a real good , heart to heart , 2 armed Spyder hug, he loved it and held on. Damn that was great. Then he went back on stage. I feel pretty special at this point ya know. So I am dancing away with the now 3 girls by my side (still the only ones in whole place, bunch o fuddy duddies, I swear.) . Silent Lucidity comes on, and I am in my own little heaven now on this one. During one of the acoustic parts, I have my eyes closed and I am just dancing with my arms and hands swaying and dancing like a Grateful Dead hippie chick, and I open my eyes and look up and there is Geoff Tate right in front of me dancing just like me with a wink and a big old smile. He gave me a thumbs up ( I think that’s what he did) , So again I feel pretty freakin special and am so happy that I touched him as well. The guard at my side kept watching and smiling at me, I noticed while I danced, so I tried to get to stay afterwards for the meet and greet, but to no avail. I know if I could have gotten Geoffs attention before they booted me , he would have let me stay, or at least given me some more loving. Ahh well, I am happy, what a night. And HUGE THANKS TO Chris Moore, the kickass drummer for Cry Wolf for hooking a girl up, you made my night, week, month and maybe more. I owe you a big one, Hmm I may have some ideas.  xoxoxo Love you P.S. Let me add that Geoff Tate was a very humble person from beginning to end, to the staff, his bandmates and his audience. I say this because I know he has a lot of haters out in the world right now since the break up of the original Queensryche, and I am sad that it is all going down the way it is. But I can tell you, Geoff Tate’s Queensryche was a bad ass band. Hopefully they can work it out, to both call themselves Queensryche, but Geoff’s name in front of his, so we can tell the difference. I will still see both bands too. I have no hate for any of them. XOXOX Peace Out and Rock On, SpyderRogue -- -- Here is the link to the picture album of all of the images i was able to take at the show. ---(copy and paste in above address bar if not 1 click like I wish/hope it is/was. :) .) - http://s299.photobucket.com/user/Puck3553/library/Spyder%20Stash/Queensryche%20Geoff%20Tates%20Coach%20House%20Apr%202013 --- http://s299.photobucket.com/user/Puck3553/library/Spyder%20Stash/Queensryche%20Geoff%20Tates%20Coach%20House%20Apr%202013... -- -- 1. 'Operation: Mindcrime' 1. I Remember Now (Queensrÿche cover) 2. Anarchy-X (Queensrÿche cover) 3. Revolution Calling (Queensrÿche cover) 4. Operation: Mindcrime (Queensrÿche cover) 5. Speak (Queensrÿche cover) 6. Drum Solo 7. Spreading the Disease (Queensrÿche cover) 8. The Mission (Queensrÿche cover) 9. Suite Sister Mary (Queensrÿche cover) 10. The Needle Lies (Queensrÿche cover) 11. Electric Requiem (Queensrÿche cover) 12. Breaking the Silence (Queensrÿche cover) 13. I Don't Believe in Love (Queensrÿche cover) 14. Waiting for 22 (Queensrÿche cover) 15. My Empty Room (Queensrÿche cover) 16. Eyes of a Stranger (Queensrÿche cover) 17. Encore: 17. Silent Lucidity (Queensrÿche cover) 18. Best I Can (Queensrÿche cover) 19. I'm American (Queensrÿche cover) 20. Jet City Woman (Queensrÿche cover) 21. Neon Knights (Black Sabbath cover) 22. Empire (Queensrÿche cover) http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/geoff-tates-queensryche/2013/the-coach-house-san-juan-capistrano-ca-3bd8c41c.html P.S.S. If anyone wants to be so kind as to tell me why/how to make my blog look more appetizingly viewable. I type it all out in Word first and it looks pretty, then I copy/paste to here, and the final product is all of these words all squished together. Hence the dashes in there on occasion, to show you can take a breath between paragraphs. :) Thank you for any help.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Priorities. Rich vs poor. Demand change.

Amen- Please admit to the truth of this. (below image) Everybody keeps blaming the system that helps the down and out, and blaming the down and out humans (i know there are f'ed up ones, but the reality of the whole; truly is like 3% , that aint jack). But, those same blamers are not blaming these billionaires, who keep getting more billions, more tax breaks and outsourcing their jobs to other countries, while making a profit off of this country. Then on top of that, they are allowed to keep that American money overseas, in accounts, so that it cannot be accounted for. Amazon, among other retailers are now suffering because Calif has made it law, that they charge Ca sales tax on all items sold to Californians. Do you see the insane Oxymoron here? the people who cheat with greed are getting away with a pat on the back, but the smaller guys (I know Amazon aint small, but they aint at the top either), And it's not only Amazon, all internet retailers will have to do it now too. So now, many of them will just not ship products to you if you live in Ca now. But, Amazon is bldg a distribution center here, so they will pay taxes that way instead. But don't you see? Speak up on that, write, call, email all powers you think should know of your outrage. It is YOUR money these guys are pocketing in the long run. And the only thing you may see in return is war (and all that goes with it, bullets, tanks, armor, outfits, food, etc) in other countries, that do not benefit you, and pensions, and, and what? what else? I believe you need to redirect your anger at these greedy mofos at the top who are ripping us off left and right by the millions and billions, and quit blaming the single mom who needs help, and the occasional junkie, cause that adds up to pennies a year vs those other guys. You know if the American co's had to make American Products INSIDE of America, and if they could not ship their money overseas and, they did pay the proper tax, without all those "Tax expenses" they claim of high class dinners, yachts, cars, etc (cause that's just bullshit), then that money would be right here legally, as it should be. And NOBODY would be whining, except for a handful of those greedy F'ers , because they only made 49 million this year vs 101 million. Trust me they'll live, and they'll live high and mighty above the rest of us, as they always will, so no pity there.
So that is how my mind is thinking. Please feel free to add your own input, but please be civil adults, and if you want to debate, that is fine, but do it with facts and sources to back it up. Also please do not use Fox News as a source, only because they have been proven in a court of law to have made things up, to get ratings. And they have way more retractions than other stations. If anyone gets rude or mean to another, i will delete the post. So please Just Don't do it. The only way we listen to each other is when we actually "Talk". Once another human starts yelling or cussing, you as a human, will go into automatic defensive mode, then the argument is "Done". None of us want that, we want the other side of our argument to listen, right? So "speak" to each other please, and thank you. xoxo

Friday, March 9, 2012

Positive relationships. You deserve to be happy.

I am careful about who I let into my life, my Facebook, and anything that is personal to my immediate surroundings.
So I don't have the problem of friends or family biting my head off because we may have different beliefs in our politics, religion, ways to raise a child and more. I only have a few friends who have strong political views opposite of mine, but they are good people, and we know how to agree to disagree. I had one gf, I still dearly love, but she deleted me because of my Occupy posts, she said it made her sick that I was sucked into that thinking. Which really, I am sad for her to be the opposite. We are still friends in real life, it's just that she doesn't want it on FB, because she gets heated easy, and doesn't want to get heated at me, cause she does love me. But I know lots have that problem with their friends and family, especially when they are online friends.

You do know it can't get any easier than to hit that "Delete" button on an online friend/follower/family member.

They'll get over it, because your real life relationship is stronger than that, or they won't and you will be that much healthier and happier, in the drama free department.

I always tell people "you only live once", and it is YOUR life you need to make decisions for. YOUR life is not to please what other people think you should do.

So long as you live right by your God and just treat others as you wish to be treated, life can be a beautiful blessing.

xoxoxo Hug a stranger today xoxoxo

P.S. I have been on Facebook for about 3 years now and have only deleted, maybe 3 people. I only let the good ones in, so I don't have that problem. I have 100's of friend requests and family ones too. I just look over them and keep them there in that list. They don't go anywhere. And if anyone asked me why I haven't added them yet , I can either say sorry, been busy, I will try to remember to check with it later. Most will not ask a 2nd time, and if they do, be honest. But nicely.
For ex; I may be a strongly devoted to God kind of gal, and I have friends who happen to be Atheists who post Atheist news, articles and crack jokes at God. I would just say you are my friend, but I don't want to see those things. We can still message each other on Facebook, we just don't have to see each others walls.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Please Read, Watch, & SHARE- (Often) Help capture Joseph Kony

OK , I just watched this and cried. PRETTY PLEASE put aside 30 mins and watch this ASAP. this is a world wide movement, and the only way it will work is if we have the world of humans getting involved. This is about helping to catch the worlds #1 most dangerous criminal, wanted for kidnapping and enslaving over 30 thousand children from their homes. Making the girls into sex slaves, and the boys into a mutilating military corp, for his own private military, for no purpose, just for his own greedy self worth. He is a Hitler.
So please watch it, and see how you can help, it's as little as a few dollars and a little bit of your time, to post on FB, write a blog, add the vid/link your Co's newsletter, hang posters, put a sign in your yard, wear a bracelet and tell people what it stands for when they ask. The world needs to know who this man is NOW, if not, our US military is gonna step down. Only the peoples voice of the world will help keep our military there, to help keep this from being any worse that the already 30 THOUSAND children that have already been enslaved. Many of these children, after kidnapped were forced to kill their own mothers and fathers.
IF for some reason, you swear you can't afford 30 minutes of your precious free life, then please Fwd it to the last 5 or so minutes to see what you can do.
Thanks, and please, please Share this, every time it crosses your mind. Thanks my lovelies.

The controversial video has more than 7 million views. It calls for Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, to face trial for human rights violations


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You NEED to know. Don't be the uneducated. US Gov't and now the Canadian Gov't too. Invasion of Privacy.

OMG! What the F is going on? Thank God or whoever you thank, that Occupiers exist and started before all this shit started going down, so somebody will be fighting the fight, while the rest of the lazy ass, hypocritical world gets fucked.
So here in the US, they just passed the law and have opened secret FEMA camps to detain American citizens on the simplest "accusation" that they "might" have involvement in a terrorist cell. No lawyer, no phone call, no Mother F'en trial, just poof! you disappear into thin air, to everyone else in the world.
And now this in Canada? Watch out. Wake up!!!! I fear the future, at the same time I have some hope still. XO Spyder

Harper Government wants Police to spy on ALL Canadians with no warrants
Warrantless Big Brother Spy Law COMING • Bill C-52 • Harper Government


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New artists you need to know, love and support, Says I.

NOTE: because of the array of vids I posted, give it 30 seconds to load them, then the page will scroll smoother.

("NEW" meaning 10 yrs or less, most are much less)

Ok this blog started on an FB thread and a gentleman named Wayne asked me to name one “good band”: that is new music. So I couldn’t just name one as there are so many. So here it goes.

Zen Rizing, I am so stoked that they just got chosen to open for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger this Friday at the Whiskey, I'll be going to support them and the other 2 are the fringe benefit :)
Ya know half of these newest artists go to other countries and sell out large venues, and here in America, they do small clubs and have 25 to 100 only, because people are too closed minded.
One more NOTE- I don’t like any of these bands because of only one song, it is because of 10-20-30 songs. Another reason that adds to mine and others burning love for these bands is they communicate with their fans, they KNOW the fans are the reason they can keep doing what they love, and I love that about all of them.

Zen Rizing

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/zenrizingband?sk=wall&filter=2

Dilana Rocks your innards like no other had in decades.
One of the top 2 finalists on Rockstar Supernova w/ Tommy Lee

p.s I don’t own a tv, I found her musically, not thru the tv show. 

Her FB Page http://www.facebook.com/Dilanarocks?ref=ts

Beth Hart
bluesy rock, gnaws at your soul.
She’s tied at number one for new artists to love.

Her FB Page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1499318544

VK Lynne , is awesome, soulful, bluesy, rock

Her FB Page http://www.facebook.com/messlikevk

Inverse- Good ole boys rockin down the roof
Their FB band page – You can listen there

Roms- Melodious rock, got to be on KROQ’s local bands show recently.
Their FB band page – You can listen there

Alter Bridge ( Myles Kennedy is the singer, Slash just picked him to do a song on his latest album Slash RnF’n r.)

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/alterbridge

Plain Alias out of Scotland
Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/PLAIN-ALIAS/112559155443958

If you dig any of these guys, go friend/Like them on their FB pages and let them know I sent you, because word of mouth is the only way artists get any love anymore.

I have met all of these artists and friended many because they only play small clubs, because radio does not play new music anymore, Except KROQ, but they only play their style. We need more stations to intro more new artists, everyone always says theirs no good new music out, when actually there is a shitload, you just gotta go to the small clubs and find them, and its good to know people (like me) who promote the best of the best as much as possible. Cause they deserve the love and we want them to keep making new music, cause they’re so dam good at it.

And some other new musicians who do get radio play (Thank you 106.7 KROQ) , but only 1-2 songs to be sickened of after short time, but have a great library of awesome tunes.

30 Seconds to Mars

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/thirtysecondstomars?sk=app_178091127385

My Chemical Romance

Their FB Page


Their FB Page


Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/wolfmother

Black Stone Cherry

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Stone-Cherry/8509615068

Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/Shinedown?ref=ts

Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/muse?ref=ts

And you know to prove of my great taste. Slash has picked at least 3 of these artists to sing on his latest album. Beth Hart, Ian (Wolfmother), Myles (Alter Bridge)

So what do you think? Do you like any or all of them? Do you know any or all of them?
They deserve to be recognized, I hope you can share this blog or their songs with your friends and get them known. Especially the top half of artists as they have not had radio play here in California, and only get some small town radio stations nationwide.

Peace out and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button on this page. 
Hugs to all.