Sunday, September 16, 2012

Priorities. Rich vs poor. Demand change.

Amen- Please admit to the truth of this. (below image) Everybody keeps blaming the system that helps the down and out, and blaming the down and out humans (i know there are f'ed up ones, but the reality of the whole; truly is like 3% , that aint jack). But, those same blamers are not blaming these billionaires, who keep getting more billions, more tax breaks and outsourcing their jobs to other countries, while making a profit off of this country. Then on top of that, they are allowed to keep that American money overseas, in accounts, so that it cannot be accounted for. Amazon, among other retailers are now suffering because Calif has made it law, that they charge Ca sales tax on all items sold to Californians. Do you see the insane Oxymoron here? the people who cheat with greed are getting away with a pat on the back, but the smaller guys (I know Amazon aint small, but they aint at the top either), And it's not only Amazon, all internet retailers will have to do it now too. So now, many of them will just not ship products to you if you live in Ca now. But, Amazon is bldg a distribution center here, so they will pay taxes that way instead. But don't you see? Speak up on that, write, call, email all powers you think should know of your outrage. It is YOUR money these guys are pocketing in the long run. And the only thing you may see in return is war (and all that goes with it, bullets, tanks, armor, outfits, food, etc) in other countries, that do not benefit you, and pensions, and, and what? what else? I believe you need to redirect your anger at these greedy mofos at the top who are ripping us off left and right by the millions and billions, and quit blaming the single mom who needs help, and the occasional junkie, cause that adds up to pennies a year vs those other guys. You know if the American co's had to make American Products INSIDE of America, and if they could not ship their money overseas and, they did pay the proper tax, without all those "Tax expenses" they claim of high class dinners, yachts, cars, etc (cause that's just bullshit), then that money would be right here legally, as it should be. And NOBODY would be whining, except for a handful of those greedy F'ers , because they only made 49 million this year vs 101 million. Trust me they'll live, and they'll live high and mighty above the rest of us, as they always will, so no pity there.
So that is how my mind is thinking. Please feel free to add your own input, but please be civil adults, and if you want to debate, that is fine, but do it with facts and sources to back it up. Also please do not use Fox News as a source, only because they have been proven in a court of law to have made things up, to get ratings. And they have way more retractions than other stations. If anyone gets rude or mean to another, i will delete the post. So please Just Don't do it. The only way we listen to each other is when we actually "Talk". Once another human starts yelling or cussing, you as a human, will go into automatic defensive mode, then the argument is "Done". None of us want that, we want the other side of our argument to listen, right? So "speak" to each other please, and thank you. xoxo