Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New artists you need to know, love and support, Says I.

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("NEW" meaning 10 yrs or less, most are much less)

Ok this blog started on an FB thread and a gentleman named Wayne asked me to name one “good band”: that is new music. So I couldn’t just name one as there are so many. So here it goes.

Zen Rizing, I am so stoked that they just got chosen to open for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger this Friday at the Whiskey, I'll be going to support them and the other 2 are the fringe benefit :)
Ya know half of these newest artists go to other countries and sell out large venues, and here in America, they do small clubs and have 25 to 100 only, because people are too closed minded.
One more NOTE- I don’t like any of these bands because of only one song, it is because of 10-20-30 songs. Another reason that adds to mine and others burning love for these bands is they communicate with their fans, they KNOW the fans are the reason they can keep doing what they love, and I love that about all of them.

Zen Rizing

Their FB Page

Dilana Rocks your innards like no other had in decades.
One of the top 2 finalists on Rockstar Supernova w/ Tommy Lee

p.s I don’t own a tv, I found her musically, not thru the tv show. 

Her FB Page

Beth Hart
bluesy rock, gnaws at your soul.
She’s tied at number one for new artists to love.

Her FB Page

VK Lynne , is awesome, soulful, bluesy, rock

Her FB Page

Inverse- Good ole boys rockin down the roof
Their FB band page – You can listen there

Roms- Melodious rock, got to be on KROQ’s local bands show recently.
Their FB band page – You can listen there

Alter Bridge ( Myles Kennedy is the singer, Slash just picked him to do a song on his latest album Slash RnF’n r.)

Their FB Page

Plain Alias out of Scotland
Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page

If you dig any of these guys, go friend/Like them on their FB pages and let them know I sent you, because word of mouth is the only way artists get any love anymore.

I have met all of these artists and friended many because they only play small clubs, because radio does not play new music anymore, Except KROQ, but they only play their style. We need more stations to intro more new artists, everyone always says theirs no good new music out, when actually there is a shitload, you just gotta go to the small clubs and find them, and its good to know people (like me) who promote the best of the best as much as possible. Cause they deserve the love and we want them to keep making new music, cause they’re so dam good at it.

And some other new musicians who do get radio play (Thank you 106.7 KROQ) , but only 1-2 songs to be sickened of after short time, but have a great library of awesome tunes.

30 Seconds to Mars

Their FB Page

My Chemical Romance

Their FB Page


Their FB Page


Their FB Page

Black Stone Cherry

Their FB Page

Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page

Embedding disabled, so click link to watch and listen.

Their FB Page

And you know to prove of my great taste. Slash has picked at least 3 of these artists to sing on his latest album. Beth Hart, Ian (Wolfmother), Myles (Alter Bridge)

So what do you think? Do you like any or all of them? Do you know any or all of them?
They deserve to be recognized, I hope you can share this blog or their songs with your friends and get them known. Especially the top half of artists as they have not had radio play here in California, and only get some small town radio stations nationwide.

Peace out and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button on this page. 
Hugs to all.


  1. Wow girl... you weren't kiding about this blog...I heart n Liver! Many choices I know of and the others I will give a listen. I will post some bands that should be checked out as well. I am 51 and I get tired of musicians my age only wanting to play music from the seventies. The 70s were great but stuff has happened.
    If ya get a chance go check out my music at if you like it please fan me. Also I need feedback from people as to pros and cons of my songs so I can appeal as much as possible without crampin my style.

    1. Trip out, i never saw this and its almost a year old. I will check out your page. I also write music reviews for a few online mags, and they are new bands you may not know, but should. and or .org

      I am SpyderRogue, of course- lol.

      Peace and thanks for the love.