Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facebook “Like” button etiquette

Facebook “Like” button etiquette

You know when FB started, everyone was hitting the “like” button all of the time for anything and everything, then people started being a little  more particular, maybe as not to be so anxious?
Now, I rarely see “Likes” at all. Why is that?
I see people “Sharing” my posts, so I know they are reading them and apparently liking them, but they don’t hit the “Like” button on  mine or others posts. Why is this?

It’s like they have weird thoughts in their head, and don’t even think about why they have those thoughts, they just go with them.
For example;  “Oh they know I like and read their posts, because I have told them before”
But not thinking about the now of it, how do we/I know anyone cares what I post unless people at least hit the Like button?

And I am not just talking about myself and the pages I admin, but many others as well. I know many people who put out great posts daily, and I even see those ones ‘shared” by others, yet they never hit the “Like” button on those posts either.

It kind of makes a person feel used ya know. Just saying.

We don’t post on FB for ourselves, we post for “others” to read. We can write in a diary or journal if it was meant for only ourselves. (Speaking for every one of us) .

Yes I do occasionally get an email or wall post telling me Thank you for all of the posts I put out and that they appreciate how I keep them up on the world of music and all that surrounds it.

I do my best to only post info I believe could be beneficial or enlightening to the readers, and I “always” ensure I use reliable sources when I do share. And I always do the dirty work of investigating, researching and validating anything I post. So no-one can ever come back to me saying I gave them bogus info or a virus.

So you know you can trust whatever it is that I put out to share with my friends. I care about my friends, and will always do all that I can to give them the best of everything.

I try to hit that “Like” button often, to let people know they are not posting to themselves, but to us. That I see it, and like it, or agree with it, and comment when I feel it or have a minute to stop and do so.

So I am asking you all, to be a little more considerate to YOUR public and friends and hit the “Like” button often when you dig what others have posted. It’s courteous.
And I only have “good people” in my friends list, so it does amaze me a little that they are not seeing it like I do.

I am open to hear anybody’s reasons for why they rarely ever hit the Like button. It only takes a millisecond, so don’t use time as an excuse, I won’t buy it-lol.

SpyderRogue a “Like-A’Holic”

Love you all, you know that.
Peace, Love and Rock N Roll.

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  1. You stated your case quite well. Speaking as someone who is occasionally lax on the "like" button, I find it is often the little things that people often forget about that mean the most to others. Having said that I now push the "like" button.