Thursday, May 5, 2011

Psychological thrillers. My best of's.

What is a psychological thriller? To me, it is one that can mess with your head, something you deem could be plausible to happen in real life. This could be either because you may share some of the beliefs in the movie, or you know there are psychos out there, that have this mentality.

I am proof (in more ways than one) that a twisted upbringing (in re to movies) does not mean you will grow up to be a psycho or twisted individual..
If you talk to anyone that knows me, I am sweet, considerate and honest at ALL times.

These are some movies that come to my mind first, that had an impact on me when I was a young child. When I say impact, I do not mean it shaped me to who I am today, persay, but when I watched them, they moved me emotionally in one way or another, that I’ll never forget them.

I have been a thriller movie /horror movie buff since I was 4.
I used to sneak up after my parents were in bed to watch Bette Davis movies and all the other twisted horror on at late night in the early to mid 70’s.

Scary flicks from my childhood – age 4-16

Alfred Hitchcock ( Movies and TV Series)

Twilight Zone (1959–1964) (TV)

Outer Limits (1963 to 1965) (TV)

Vincent Price Movies

Bette Davis movies
The Nanny (1965)
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962
And more, I don’t remember or know the titles, as when I was young, the title didn’t impress me as much as the movie itself.

The Hitchhiker (1983) (TV)

Magic – (1978)

The Bad Seed – 1956

The Omen (1976)

Helter Skelter (1976) (TV)

Jaws (1975)

Carrie (1976)

Sybil (1976) (TV)

The Shining (1980)

These are some movies that have left a mark on me in my adulthood.
Great movies, great scripts, great actors.

Frailty (2001)

Fight Club

Sliver (1993)

Misery (1990)

The Cube (1980)

Natural Born Killers (1994)

Crash (2004)

Trainspotting (1990)

Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

Memento –(2000)
Love this movie, and can relate well, because I have a brother with short term memory.

Se7en – (1995)

Fight Club – (1999)

What are some scary movies or psychological thrillers,
you remember watching, in your childhood?

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